About Us

As a bartender in college, I was always making colorful cocktails or pouring a glass of wine, and thought to myself how fun it would be to have a vibrantly colored wine glass to pair my beverage with. I set out on a mission to find the perfect set of colored wine glasses, and after searching high and low all over the internet, I just not find what I was looking for – the colors either weren’t right or only the base of the glass was colored, the style of the glass wasn’t what I was looking for, the glasses weren’t versatile to be able to use for a picnic at the park and to also use to host a NYE party - I finally decided to source my own perfect glasses, and I worked with a supplier to have my own custom colored glasses made. Friends and family who saw the glasses swooned over them asking where I bought them -- I always had to tell them “they’re not available on the market”… well, not available yet. After months of planning and tons of samples to curate the perfect collection of colored glasses, GlassHause glasses are finally available to everyone! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do :D